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In Which Sustainable Fashion Events Have We Taken Part This 2023?

The Spanish textile industry has come a long way in the path towards sustainability; many companies from this sector are making an increasing effort to respect the environment, trying to find solutions that are committed to the planet without losing sight of the latest trends.

In order to achieve a more sustainable textile industry, it is paramount to work alongside other companies with a similar philosophy, or at least with a similar set of goals: this is why fairs and events organised by and for our industry are essential. During these occasions, fashion and textile businesses can make their products known, and also discover the latest trends within the sector. Moreover, they are the perfect opportunity to find providers, partners and clients that share the same values. At Ecolife by Belda Lloréns, we actively participate in different textile industry events, sharing our sustainable fashion projects and our recycled yarns. Keep reading to discover more!

MOVE! The Sustainable Fashion Summit en Madrid

Ecolife by Belda y Lloréns. MOVE! The Sustainable Fashion Summit en Madrid

On the 21st of June, MOVE! The Sustainable Fashion Summit, took place in Madrid. In this forum, different businesses from the industry can share their advances in sustainability measures, as well as analyse the barriers and obstacles that we still need to overcome. We believe sustainability is the path towards the future, after all, it is one of the cornerstones of our company, which is reflected on how we create our products.

Luckily, many other businesses also see sustainability as the backbone of their philosophy. We encountered a great many of them at MOVE!, while they shared some of their most avant-garde solutions. The event was organised by Modaes, a Spanish tool that provides financial information about the fashion industry, they have great influence and prestige within the sector, where they work to help professionals of the industry when it comes to making decisions and connecting with their target audience. During this event, our Executive Director, Francisco Mataix, took part in a panel titled “Más allá del algodón: nuevas fibras para transformar la moda”, which translates to “Beyond cotton: new fibres to transform fashion”. Other participants on this discussion were Carmen Hijosa from Piñatex, Regina Polanco from Pyratex, Ana Rodes from Recover, Gema Gómez from the IE Business School and Javier Vello, from EY. Given that at Ecolife by Belda we work to create innovative and sustainable fibres, this talk was the ideal opportunity to share our advances towards a more circular economy.

Circular Textile Days, in the Netherlands

Ecolife by Belda  y Lloréns. Circular Textile Days, en los Países Bajos

Another event that was important to us was Circular Textile Days, during the 5th and 6th of June in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in the Netherlands. Since achieving a circular economy is another one of Ecolife by Belda’s core values, our presence at this event was essential to make our brand’s innovations known. Some of the advantages offered by this event were:

  • Access to members of the sector at all levels: businesses, retail companies, end users, government organisations and institutes of various kinds.
  • Large-scale exposure: besides those present at the event, it was possible to reach everyone who attended online.
  • Access to the Innovation Forum, a platform to showcase materials, solutions and techniques that foster a circular economy.

Our involvement was mainly comprised by a presentation by Jorge Mataix, with which we showed our expertise, our sustainability projects, and the way we have charted to achieve a circular economy. Moreover, we took this opportunity to display the possibilities a circular economy can offer the home-ware, professional clothing and fashion industries.

We went all the way to Japan for the FaW Tokyo 2023

Ecolife by Belda y Lloréns. FaW Tokyo 2023

Last, but not at all the least important to us, the Fashion World Tokyo, or FaW Tokyo, organised by RX Japan Ltd., the biggest event planners in Japan. This fair, which took place in April 2023, brought businesses from all over the world, who displayed the latest in sustainable products and materials with which to create garments, bags, shoes or accessories, as well as digital technologies related to the textile and fashion sectors.

During this sustainable fashion summit, Ecolife by Belda participated with a stand where Francisco Mataix and Eduardo Marco could be found alongside our partner, Ashei Kasei. At this event, visitors welcomed and enjoyed the high quality of our sustainable yarns. If you found this article interesting and you would like to know which will be the next event where we’ll participate, or you would like more information about our recycled yarns, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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